15 October 2012

BREATHE [2012]

My animated short film: BREATHE
One can live just to survive or to make his or her dream come true.

24 June 2011

Stop Here (2011)

My short animation recently received the 2nd prize
from 15th Thai Short Film and Video Festival, 2011.

23 June 2011

DaeTher (2009)

This mellow town inspired from the line drawing on the
album cover. 3D production by TLaframe Animation House.

Abtagon (2008)

Meaning of this song is crying out for love...secretly.
[The 2nd prize from Thai Short Film Festival, 2009]

21 June 2011

Massage (2006)

2 lumps of flour making little chunks of flour.
[Best Animation, the 5th Channel [V] MusicVideo Award]

16 June 2011

True Nature (2001)

My Graduation Thesis using 'morphing' as the main technic to
tell the story about a designer who discover his inner feeling.